Space and Facilities

Academic space at BCH Oakland is located throughout the hospital and laboratory research is situated almost exclusively at the MLK Research Building located at 5700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd in Oakland, which is a few blocks away from the main hospital. The MLK Research Building provides 80,000 square feet of laboratory and other research space. All space at BCH Oakland is managed and controlled by the Hospital Space Committee, which is chaired by the BCH Oakland Vice President of Ancillary and Support Services.  Research space requests are first reviewed by the Academic Space Committee, which then recommends to the Hospital Space Committee whether to approve or decline the request.

The Academic Space Committee is jointly chaired by the BCH Oakland Dean’s Office and the UCSF Office of Research. The Committee’s role is to inform and advise on space needs pertinent to research, training, and academic leadership activities that occur at BCH Oakland. The Committee meets monthly and is comprised of faculty, staff, and academic leaders from the academic departments, School of Medicine, and central campus units. 

FY 2023-24 Academic Space Committee Members

Melissa Baron, Assistant Project Manager, UCSF BCH Design/Construction
Cameron Hempstead, Project Manager, UCSF BCH Design/Construction
Roberta Keller, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Research and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Ash Lal, MD, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Marianne Lejano, Associate Program Manager, Office of Research
Millicent Magiera, Building Manager, Facilities Services
Karim Mansour, MD, Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine
Kelley Meade, MD, Interim Associate Dean, SOM and Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
Marisa Medina, PhD, Associate Professor In Residence, Pediatrics
Kate Newkumet, MD, Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
Lekesha Ponde, Director of Research Administration, Pediatrics
Suzanne Sutton (Co-Chair), Director of Strategic Programs and Initiatives, SOM
Karin Wong, Director of Space Strategy, SOM
April Zaat, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Pediatrics

Committee Charge


Utilizing guiding principles that make the best use of limited space, provide recommendations for the use and allocation of space to BCH Oakland and campus leadership for research, teaching, and administration.

All space requests should be submitted electronically through the online Qualtrics Space Request Form. The Committee monitors and coordinates all submissions on behalf BCH Oakland. To access the form, please click on the button directly below.




Occupants at the MLK Research Building can join an Outlook Team, "UCSF Oakland Based Research at MLK" by using Team Code: kgx33n2.

Conference Room and Hoteling Resources

There are several available conference rooms and hoteling spaces available at the MLK Research Building. Reservations for the space is self-service via the Event Management System (EMS) accessed through MyAccess. The Event Management System (EMS) is an online reservation system for a significant portion of BCH Oakland Hospital and Outpatient Center (OPC). Capacity, resources, and images of each space as well as additional instructions for each space can be found in EMS.

The MLK Research Building is a secure building, and therefore, every meeting participant must either 1) have a UC system badge (including BCH-Oakland), or 2) be on the MLK Research Building approved visitors list. After requesting the meeting reservation in EMS, meeting organizers must request to add meeting participants without a UC badge (including BCH-Oakland) to the MLK Research Building’s approved visitor list for the day of the meeting by filling out the webform at least 24 business hours before the visit date. One form per visitor per day is required:

All UCSF Guidance for Hosting Meetings and Events must be followed. Visit the UCSF coronavirus website for details.