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UCSF Research at BCH Oakland Highlights

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    BCH Oakland Summer Student Research Program

    The Summer Student Research Program is designed to provide an unsurpassed opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of basic and/or clinical research for three months during the summer.

    UCSF Research at BCH Oakland Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


    Improve children’s health in our community and beyond through outstanding basic, translational, clinical and population research.


    A collaborative child health research center, bridging San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley academic and patient-care communities, with a focus on discovery, translation and prevention.

    Important elements:

    • Physical presence in Oakland
    • Community connectedness
    • Focus on underserved populations

    Guiding Principles

    • Mission-driven: aligned with the core focus of children’s and family health
    • Built upon existing strengths, with focused growth in a few key areas
    • Enabled by a critical mass of investigators
    • Founded on research excellence and impact
    • Serving our region’s diverse population
    • Inclusive of diverse researchers and trainees
    • Financially and operationally sustainable over time
    • Strengthened by its inclusion in and contribution to research at UCSF