Congratulations, you have been awarded extramurally sponsored funding! What’s next? Post-award support is provided to PIs through a partnership between the academic departments and central-campus units. Faculty with active awards are assigned a Research Financial Analyst (RFA) by their home department to work one-on-one with them to help manage any awards and sponsored funding. Faculty should expect to work closely with their RFAs as they will often times work in UCSF systems on behalf of the PI, whether that be BearBuy, UCPath, RAS, MyReports, and a host of others.   

The menu of post-award services provided by RFAs are determined by the home department.  In general, faculty should expect the following:

  • Regular financial reporting on expenses compared to budget.
  • Expenditure approval.
  • Payroll expense management.
  • Facilitation for no-cost extensions and/or carry-forward requests to the sponsor.
  • Coordination for final fiscal reporting to the sponsor.
  • Assistance with award closeout including transfer of any residual balances.

The Controller’s Office provides a quick reference guide of the post-award responsibilities for their offices and for the RFA/PI. To determine who your assigned RFA is, please contact your department’s research manager/director.


Research Director/Manager

Contact Info

Emergency Medicine

Robin Kemball

[email protected]


Kathleen Gardner

[email protected]

Orthopaedic Surgery

Gina Goodrich

[email protected]

Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Hy Levy

[email protected]


Lekesha Ponde

[email protected]


  • Work Orders allow UCSF PIs to utilize and pay BCH Oakland employees from their contracts and grants.

Job Aids (Available Only to UCSF Internal Users, VPN Required)

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  1. BCH Oakland Budgeting Guidelines 
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  3. BCH Oakland Personnel Action Form (PAF) Instructions 
  4. Coordination Org Chart
  • BCH Oakland Gift Transfer Policy and Process enables UCSF faculty to access gift and endowment monies that have been allocated to them to achieve research and other academic endeavors. 
  1. Desk Reference Guide: Faculty-Related Gift Transfers to UCSF
  2. Desk Reference Guide: Cross-Bay Clinical Initiative Campus Gift Transfers