UCSF BCH Oakland welcomes potential visiting scholars who wish to shadow for additional development. The process for being approved to shadow will depend on the status of the host, level of prior training and affiliation of the applicant. In all cases, the visiting scholar would only be shadowing their host on a short-term basis, would be prohibited from having any direct patient contact, and would not have access to any institutional systems. Visiting scholars at BCH Oakland must follow both UCSF guidelines and BCH Oakland policies regarding observerships to be considered.

Observers hosted by UCSF faculty are processed and managed by the faculty member's academic home department. The academic department reserves the authority to approve any proposed observers and may have department-specific policies about who can observe. Faculty are advised to check with their academic departments prior to initiating any paperwork or forms.

The following guidances are relevant to all observerships hosted by a UCSF faculty member. 

For additional guidance and questions, please contact [email protected]