How We're Organized (Org Charts)

In 2014, BCH Oakland and UCSF joined forces to build the West Coast’s leading Pediatric Health System delivering safe, leading-edge, high-value care in a patient-centric delivery system. All BCH San Francisco and the majority of BCH Oakland physicians are UCSF School of Medicine faculty. To better understand how our organizations weave together, please find the BCH Oakland and School of Medicine structures linked below.

Organizational structure shared between Dean's office and HospitalDean’s Office Charge

The BCH Oakland Dean’s Office serves as a bridge between BCH and the UCSF School of Medicine. Key responsibilities of our office:

  • Collaborate with the President of BCH, Dean, UCSF School of Medicine, BCH Chief Medical Officers, and BCH Oakland medical staff leadership to refine the BCH Oakland faculty governance structure.
  • Chair nominating committee(s) for BCH Oakland faculty leadership positions with approval from the respective UCSF Clinical Chair.
  • Collaborate with UCSF Department Chairs in faculty staffing/recruitments, and ensure consistency of clinical standards/pathways between BCH Oakland and BCH San Francisco.
  • Improve and sustain BCH Oakland and San Francisco physician morale through proactive communication and inclusion of key stakeholders in discussions regarding the growth and program expansion.
  • Engage with the ad-hoc Joint BCH Physician Advisory Group to advise on BCH governance and strategic direction.
  • Be a member of the BCH Clinical Leadership Group chaired by the President of BCH and participate in relevant BCH Board committees.
  • Champion academics, education, and research at BCH Oakland.
  • Participate in the career development and academic advancement of BCH Oakland faculty with UCSF Department Chairs.
  • Serve on UCSF Health System’s Faculty Practice Advisory Council (FPAC). The FPAC advises, oversees, reviews, and makes recommendations on the mechanics of the clinical funds flow model and faculty practice operations to the UCSF Health System Leadership Council.
  • Participate in appropriate appointment and nomination committees in collaboration with the UCSF Department Chair.

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