Getting Started for Faculty

If you are new to Oakland faculty, you likely have a lot of questions – we hope this video serves as an excellent starting point: A Faculty Handbook for Success, Advancement & Promotion at UCSF.

Key Academic Resources for UCSF @ BCH Oakland Faculty

UCSF Academic Affairs: Faculty and administrative resource including key links to UC-wide academic resources.

Reporting and Tracking Outside Pro Acitivity video

UCSF School of Medicine Academic Affairs: Policies and processes specific to the School of Medicine.

Faculty Development: We are committed to supporting your long-term growth and development as a faculty member. We have found these professional development resources helpful to new faculty.


UCSF Faculty and Staff working in Oakland hold two badges: 

  1. UCSF Campus Badging: Badging is led by your UCSF academic department in coordination with UCSF HR. If you have questions on this process, please contact your hiring academic department.
  2. BCH Oakland Badging: Different location, different process- badge allows for access to facilities. See below for detailed instructions.

BCH Oakland Hospital Badging Process for Campus UCSF Faculty and Staff

Criteria: Employees sharing BCH Oakland workspace or visiting BCH Oakland at least two days per week.

Step One: Badge requests for UCSF employees/contractors must go to Yasmine Wright from the BCH Oakland sponsoring clinical department. In the email request, the Sponsor should provide:

  • UCSF employee’s name
  • Employee’s ID number
  • Employee’s email address
  • Employee’s perspective UCSF Human Resource Generalist’s contact information. (The sponsor can get this information directly from the UCSF employee or their UCSF Manager).

Upon receipt of this information, BCH Oakland HR will contact the UCSF HR Generalist to provide clearance of items “1” and “2” below:

Required clearances include:

  1. Background Check Clearance: UCSF HR Generalist to confirm that the UCSF employee background requirement was successfully met.
  2. LMS (Learning Management System) Training Clearance: Employee must submit his or her LMS training transcript to their UCSF HR Generalist. The UCSF HR Generalist can confirm that the employee has completed all UCSF required Annual Learning & Training required for the employee’s role. For example, Sexual Harassment, Safety Training, Infection Control, Cyber Security Awareness, and/or Safe Patient Handling.
  3. Health Clearance: The health clearance must come from UCSF Occupational Health. Required items for clearances include TB, Seasonal Flu, MMR, Hep-B, TDAP, and Varicella. (It is the responsibility of the employee to get in touch with their Occupational Health office and make the appointment to get evaluated for these clearances).

Step Two: Once the BCH Oakland HR office receives clearance for 1, 2, and 3, they will reach out to the individual directly to set up a 45-minute mini-orientation at the BCH Oakland HR Office.

This is a review & sign-off of BCH Oakland compliance documents. If the employee is not cleared, BCH Oakland HR will provide the missing items to the BCH Oakland sponsor who will communicate what is missing to the UCSF employee. The employee will work with their UCSF HR Generalist to complete the missing items. The sponsor should then update BCH Oakland HR when the employee believes they are in compliance and a re-check will be completed.

Step Three: BCH Oakland HR then provides the individual with a Badge Request Form and instructions to go to the Badging Office located on the 2nd floor of the Parking Garage across the street from the main hospital (connected to the Outpatient Center). 

Badge and Key Request Process for Campus UCSF Employees Requiring Access to MLK Research Building

Criteria: Employees sharing MLK Research Building workspace, visiting at least two days per week, or requiring after-hours/emergent coverage for essential staff.

Badge Process for Campus UCSF Employees Assigned to the MLK Research Building Requiring Access to BCH Oakland Hospital

Criteria: Employees UCSF Employees (not volunteers or affiliates) performing clinical research on site at the Hospital and requiring access to patient care spaces not only meeting rooms

Conference Room Resources

The Conference Rooms in the MLK Research Building are self-service. The rooms are reserved via the Event Management System (EMS). The Event Management System (EMS) is an online Reservation system for a significant portion of BCH Oakland Hospital and Outpatient Center (OPC): MyAccess login is required. Additional instructions for each meeting room will be found in EMS.

The MLK Research Building is a secure building, therefore, every meeting participant must either 1) have a UC system badge (Including BCH-Oakland), or 2) be on the MLK Research Building approved visitors list. After requesting the meeting reservation in EMS, meeting organizers must request to add meeting participants without a UC badge (including BCH-Oakland) to the MLK Research Building’s approved visitor list for the day of the meeting by emailing the following information to and at least 24 business hours before the visit date:

  1. Visitor’s name
  2. Company
  3. The business reason for the visit

All UCSF Guidance for Hosting Meetings and Events must be followed. Visit the UCSF coronavirus website for details.

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health table is intended to help you navigate between our BCH Oakland Occupational Health team and UCSF Occupational Health team.

Occupational Health Cross-Campus Guidance
(MyAccess Login Required)

Guidance in Case of Work Injury

Onsite @ BCH Oakland

  • BCH Oakland employees @ BCH Oakland – please see guidance from Employee Health.
  • UCSF Faculty and staff @ BCH Oakland - For emergent situations, please go directly to the Emergency Department at BCH Oakland.  For non-emergent situations - please reach out to UCSF Occupational Health.

Onsite @ UCSF and UCSF Health

  • UCSF and UCSF Health employees @ UCSF and UCSF Health sites – please see guidance from UCSF Occupational Health.
    • UCSF Health staff: Please complete the RL Solutions incident report. Call triage line during business hours 7:30 am to 4 pm (Closed 12-1). A triage nurse will provide self-care, appointment, or direct employee to ED. For needlestick: please call the 24/7 Needlestick hotline at (415) 353-7842.
    • UCSF Campus staff: Report injury to your supervisor. Complete an injury report. Call Occ Health for triage, Kaiser on Job, or St. Francis. For needlestick: please call the 24/7 Needlestick hotline at (415) 353-7842.
  • BCH Oakland employees @ UCSF and UCSF Health sites – For emergent situations, please report to the Emergency Department. For follow-up care, please work with Employee Health. After the fact, please complete an OSHA report for items on UCSF campuses.


Give yourself more time to rest and relax before and after work by leaving the driving to someone else. Wherever you’re coming from (or going to) in the Bay Area, the hospital and its key locations have options for those who want alternatives to driving.

  • BCH Oakland shuttles (Being updated. Contact the Parking Office at (510) 428-3465) - helping connect the BCH Oakland campuses and MLK Building facility - MyAccess login required.
  • BCH Oakland Parking information (Being updated. Contact the Parking Office at (510) 428-3465) – pricing and application can be found on CHO Net under Security and Transportation - MyAccess login required.
  • Bicycle parking: Bicyclists can secure and lock a bike at the bike racks available in the main hospital parking garage
  • Electric Vehicle parking - Info coming soon!
  • Security Escort Services: Dial (510) 428-3600 for Security Services if you would like an escort to your vehicle at any time.
  • Through UCSF Campus Life Services, the Pre-Tax Savings Program allows UCSF employees to set aside tax-free money to pay for eligible commuting expenses like public transit, rideshare, and parking.  For pre-tax savings, commuting expenses can be run through a Commuter Check Benefit credit card, including for BCH Oakland.  More details can be found under UCSF Campus Life Services – Transportation.  

Additional Resources for Faculty

Key videos and presentations:

Faculty Development Day: This one-day annual event provides resources to build community and enhance faculty life at UCSF. We include plenary sessions, workshops, and informational resources that are relevant to faculty at all career stages.